Guild History

Harbingers of Light is an online player guild established primarily in popular MMORPG’s.

The Harbingers of Light guild was founded by Golyn (Golin) in the early days of EverQuest. He (prior to Ruins of Kunark) on the E’ci server, originally established as the Harbingers of Ire in 1999. The guild migrated shortly after the Shadows of Luclin expansion to Mythic’s Dark Age of Camelot (Percival Server) in 2001 where it was renamed Harbingers of Light.

The Dark Age of Camelot guild, originally led by Lady Katriona, eventually adopted a leadership team organizational structure with founding members each serving in the capacity of guild master. While there the guild thrived, with its battle standard of yellow and green becoming a regular fixture in the frontier lands of the realm of Hibernia for the next three years.

Upon the release of World of Warcraft in 2004, many guild members moved to that game. Golyn founded Harbingers of Light on the Cenarion Circle server shortly after the game’s release. Though game mechanics didn’t allow for multiple leaders, the guild maintained the leadership team philosophy with each member of the Light Council serving as leaders for the guild.

Over the years guild members have explored a variety of MMO’s such as LotRO, CoH, EQ2, Horizons, and SWG. Some even play Xbox Live together. While many in the guild eagerly awaited the release of Warhammer Online, they returned to DAoC until some became part of closed Beta. Upon early release the founding members formed HoL in Warhammer online Age of Reckoning on the Phoenix Throne Server in 2008. HoL was the first Order guild formed on that server and the third guild formed across all servers at launch. The population of HoL grew substantially as many guild veterans and newcomers alike flocked to Warhammer Online. Since then, though maintaining a sizable roster, the number of members has dwindled to a core group of dedicated WAR players. A number returned to WoW for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Eventually, due to the game’s dwindling population, HoL – Warhammer merged with Dawn Eternal shortly after servers were clustered, finally closing shop in EA Mythic’s Warhammer Online.

Meanwhile, the majority of HoL – WoW migrated from the Cenarion Circle server to the Sisters of Elune server, prompted partly by education-related projects between Golyn and Munchausen (Ghutz) and players on that server. The majority of HoL has relocated to the Sisters of Elune server.

In December of 2011 HoL entered Jung Ma server in SWTOR fighting alongside the forces of the Empire. Our time there was short lived however as the game failed to hold many of our players after reaching max level due to the lack of open world PvP or accessible raid content. After leaving SWTOR, the Guild made a move to Guild Wars 2.

In August 2012 the Guild entered the world of Tyria alongside our new found brethren the Gaiscioch, on a server dedicated to one of their members who had recently passed away Roger “Oldroar” Rall. The game was a breath of fresh air to the Guild. Combat was super responsive and the WvW experience was the closest any game had ever gotten to recreating the feel of RvR in DAoC. Eventually however, the Guild started to lose interest in state of the WvW community due to the fact that many players chose to simply trade objectives instead of clashing with other players. This was because objective reward points were the exact same regardless of any combat taking place on the node. Fighting became something you had to seek out instead of it happening naturally on the battlefield.

In April 2014 the Guild made a move to The Elder Scrolls Online. Though initially the game was very fun and enjoyable, but the way Zenimax handled the AvA campaigns caused there to be no campaign communities. Fights would move from campaign to campaign daily again making it not worth while to invest into any particular AvA objective. This also led to there not being any campaign communities so map forces were often split between guilds instead of each alliance working together to control the map. This combined with some major balancing issues early on in the game caused Guild interest in the game to begin declining by the end of the summer.

In September 2014 the Guild decided to try out Archeage. The Guild joined the Tahyang Server and lived on the continent of Haranya. The game was very different from the others games the Guild had played in the past instead of the theme park structure we were use to Archeage was more comparable to a sandbox. In this environment the Guild thrived.