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Guild Machinima

Welcome to our guild’s video library! We have some talented actors and filmmakers!

1. “Chicken Dance” – Harbingers of Light

“Chicken Dance” was my very first attempt at machinima. The video was filmed in Dark Age of Camelot with the help of my guildmates from Harbingers of Light. It was especially challenging to coordinate the dancing, but what a blast! Folks wandering up to the barn where we did the filming were very curious. Directing the video was tough too. I had to type blindly with the user interface turned off to coordinate everyone while filming. This was prior to us renting a Ventrilo server.


2. “Home” – Harbingers of Light

“Home” was largely inspired by a student of mine at the time who had created a video using clips from Final Fantasy games. I used the same song, but decided to create a game-based interpretation of it, turning it into a guild-recruitment video. Again, this was filmed in Dark Age of Camelot. I probably spent more time on this video than any other, actually storyboarding the shots and coordinating the scenes with the lyrics.


3. “Eye of the Tiger” – Harbingers of Light

“Eye of the Tiger” was the result of boredom. I decided one day to record my Dwarven Hunter, Golyn as I ran about the world fighting various creatures in World of Warcraft. Once I decided on the theme music, I decided to take a “dwarf-in-training” theme as a salute to the Rocky films.


4. “Arena and PvP Action” – Harbingers of Light

At the request of my guildmates, I created a video of our recent player-vs.- player fighting in both the Arena and in the Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft. Sadly, there’s no good way to remove the user interface and still remain functional in competitive play… At least not for me.


5. Here’s a Wonderfully Inspiring and Creative Video by Lady Adyra

6. Mourninghawk’s Warhammer Preview Weekend Video

August 25th, 2008 concluded Mythic’s Warhammer Online Preview Weekend. The servers were packed with anxious players leveling, exploring, and fighting in large open areas to control keeps and control points. It was a blast. Mourninghawk created this video to show off some of the awesome action.


7. Pookha’s Lion’s Arch Dance Party

This little dance party broke out after a fun night of WvW. I decided to start recording our antics and this was the result.


8. Gaiscioch Takes a Keep in the ESO Beta

This Video was shot by Hateweaver while I was leading a group of about 50 Gaiscioch in AvA during the ESO Beta


9. A PvPicaresque – Chapter I

Which relates how Pookha, grand generalissimo of the Ebonheart Pact, likens his troops to little ants to inspire loyalty and commences to using a mattock to rid himself of gnats. Some veteran rank 10 gnats. Meanwhile, that rapscallion Pisgah becomes embroiled in some mischief.


10. A PvPicaresque – Chapter II

A Carried Son Waywards On, in which it is revealed how Vree came to be the snake that ate the crocodilian. Elsewhere, a pitched battle ensues. Fearless leader Pookha fancies himself a bard and bemoans the absence of his favored potable before “handling one.” Meanwhile, that rascal Pisgah happens upon a curious simian and then plays a deadly game of cat and mouse.


11. A PvPicaresque – Chapter III

Silver Daggerfall, which treats of a buxom daughter who sings a song her mother taught her. Meanwhile, that imp Pisgah happens upon a deadly harvest and gleans that when at a farm, it is best to do as the farmers. And much mischief ensued.


12. A PvPicaresque – Chapter IV

We’ll Kill the Fatted Calf Tonight, wherein is continued the epic struggle between good and AD. Pookha was making his fight on a hilltop and resorting to reverse psychology to inspire the hardy fighters of the Ebonheart Pact to make the ultimate sacrifice. Meanwhile, that imp Pisgah, ever disinclined to manual labor, nevertheless helps mop things up.


13. Harbingers of Light and Gaiscioch in AvA

We wipe some Bananas off Sejanus Outpost and I just so happen to be toying around with shadow play. Also I was way to excited about killing Death Dealer (RiP)