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Guild Philosophy

So, what are the Harbingers of Light all about? Glad you asked. Our guild believes that the true value of the online gaming experience lies not only in playing the game, but more importantly in the social interactions that occur while playing. How often have you seen people who really seem to care little about the guild they’re in but rather how that guild can get them the best gear in the game. Ultimately, that’s a play style that is likely to be dissatisfying, because once you reach peak level and once you have the best gear in the game, then what? Our belief that the friendships you make and the experiences along the way is the truly valuable part of the gaming experience.

As such, we hold the following to be true:

  • Real life always takes precedence over the game. This is true for officers all the way down to initiates. We will not remove members for inactivity. If you can’t make it to an event due to real life commitments, that’s fine. Your family, health, and career are much more important.
  • Respect is due to everyone in the game. If a guild member has an issue with another guild member, don’t let it simmer until it boils over into full-blown drama. Deal with it. Try on humility. It chafes at first, but ultimately becomes like a comfortable pair of old jeans.
  • Give much, take little. Invest in your guildmates. Sure you could use the sword that dropped from the last guy in the dungeon, but what would it be like if you offered it to the new guy? Is there no guild event planned this week? There’s nothing stopping you from planning one. We can all be leaders!
  • Mind your tongue. Foul language is often a habit. It can be broken in time. Many of your guildmates have children in the room or children who play.
  • Beware your expectations. Don’t expect anything (money, items, assistance with a quest, etc.) from anyone. Is that to say folks won’t help? Of course not! Just remember, your time is your life. If someone helps you with something, they are investing their time in you. Be greatful. Say thanks, and in turn offer assistance to someone else some time.

So, think you have what it takes to be a Harbinger of Light?